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The Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 184 Puzzle 3
∘ Shops in an airport where goods are tax-exempt
∘ .... can; spouted container for thirsty plants
∘ .... societies lend funds for mortgages
∘ Across the ...., Lennon song on Let It Be
∘ The Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four
∘ Mythical women with fish tails
∘ Tina Fey's 30 Rock character
∘ French dept, capital is Versailles
∘ Leader of the pirate haven of New Providence
∘ French orator, Constituent Assembly president
∘ Kickboxing and striking martial art from Thailand
∘ Priest who translated the Vulgate in the 4th C
∘ Highway you pay to use
∘ Fit and sporty
∘ Tough tissue that connects bones
∘ First name of Dalí
∘ Weather prognostication
∘ French perfume brand, maker of Shalimar
∘ Famished
∘ Disease outbreak caused by pigs
∘ Sherlock Holmes' nemesis
∘ Defenders, saviors
∘ Optical ...., eye's perception, not reality
∘ The power to make use of as one chooses
∘ Shaved flavored ice dessert, summer treat
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