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Clue length Answer
"Down with!," in Dijon4abas
Arab garments4abas
Start of a Parisian prote4abas
French mutineer's phrase4abas
"Down with ...!": Fr.4abas
"Down with," at the Basti4abas
"...... le roi!"4abas
"...... le roi!" (Bastille c4abas
French protest phrase4abas
French mutiny cry4abas
"... le roi!": french revolution cry4abas
down with, in dunkirk4abas
Ancient Greek sophist4abas
"... le roi! (Bastille cry)"4abas
Arab overgarments4abas
Start of a Parisian protest4abas
"Down with, at the Bastille"4abas
Overseas rebellion cry4abas
Sheiks' garments4abas
Tunic toppers4abas
"........ le roi!" (1792 cry)4abas
A companion of Aeneas4abas
Opposite of vive4abas
Arab cloaks4abas
Desert cover-ups4abas
Companion of Aeneas4abas
Arabs' sleeveless garments4abas
Camel's-hair garments4abas
Garments for Bedouins4abas
Arabs' apparel4abas
Youth who mocked Demeter4abas
Arabian cloaks4abas
"...... le tyran!"4abas
Father of Proetus4abas
Vive's antithesis4abas
Arab robes4abas
Camel-hair robes4abas
Bedouins' robes4abas
Gallic rebel's word4abas
Command to a French poodle?4abas
Cry that is a far cry from "Vive!"4abas
Desert wear in Africa4abas
He mocked Demeter and became a lizard4abas
Robes made from goat's hair4abas
Youth changed into a bird, in a Greek myth4abas
Sans-culottes' words4abas
Gallic cry4abas
Eastern garments4abas
French revolter's shout4abas
Traditional Arab coats4abas