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8 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Part of orchid seen in artificial light8abattoir
An animal uprising, overturning slaughterhouse8abattoir
Place where animals are slaughtered8abattoir
Slaughterhouse for animals8abattoir
Building used for butchery8abattoir
Backs civil disorder charge - it's to do with a scene of bloodshed8abattoir
a building for dispatching stock8abattoir
might hereford be within this stunning location?8abattoir
A club free-for-all turned into a shambles8abattoir
A club to take up church teaching? It's for killing8abattoir
A fly-by-night goes to Irish slaughterhouse8abattoir
A racket rising, rising in slaughterhouse8abattoir
A racket, commotion echoing in slaughterhouse8abattoir
A racket, rising commotion in slaughterhouse8abattoir
Bloody place, a racket with revolutionary scene of uproar8abattoir
Bloody scene in a club with mob violence on the up8abattoir
Butchers initially involved in terrible riot at slaughterhouse8abattoir
Crowd trouble on the rise after a cricketer's shambles8abattoir
I tar boat (anag)8abattoir
It's equipped for dispatching stock8abattoir
Place equipped for stock dispatch8abattoir
one flier ran riot in slaughterhouse8abattoir
Upton Sinclair subject8abattoir
Steer's last stop8abattoir
S­l­a­u­g­h­t­e­r­h­o­u­s­e­, in France8abattoir
meat works8abattoir
Slaughter house8abattoir
switch to it — a stopover at a slaughterhouse?8abattoir
Relocated orbit at a slaughterhouse8abattoir
Revolutionary insurrection after a strike -- it's a shambles8abattoir
The death centre of the farm world, and in a sense, it's a shambles which older people will recognise8abattoir
Boar at it gets butchered8abattoir
A battalion rebel over scene of bloodshed8abattoir
a club facing mounting unrest, it's like a slaughterhouse8abattoir
Stock brought in here to be taken out?8abattoir
A club riot in retrospect — shambles!8abattoir
Meat plant8abattoir
A club to back Rhode Island slaughterhouse8abattoir
Animals are killed here8abattoir
meat-preparing business8abattoir
it's used by those who dispatch stock8abattoir
A club to set up church teaching? Proper shambles8abattoir
building for the dispatch of stock8abattoir
Airborne vampire perhaps to conduct slaughter here8abattoir
a flying creature runs riot in slaughter house8abattoir
A club closed by the taxman once, scene of killing8abattoir