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4 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
"S.O.S." band4abba
"Chiquitita" quartet4abba
"Fernando" singers4abba
"Waterloo" pop group4abba
Title for some bishops4abba
"I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do,4abba
"Mamma Mia" pop group4abba
Quatrain rhyme scheme4abba
"SOS" pop group4abba
Palindromic pop group4abba
Father, in the Bible4abba
"Dancing Queen" pop group4abba
"Waterloo" band4abba
Common rhyme scheme4abba
Group behind a 2001 Broad4abba
"Mamma Mia!" group4abba
"Dancing Queen" quartet4abba
"Take a Chance on Me" gro4abba
"Fernando" group4abba
Acronymic pop group name4abba
"Voulez-Vous" pop group4abba
Alphabetically first pop4abba
Pop group whose music was4abba
Eban of Israel4abba
"Super Trouper" group, 194abba
Pop group that inspired a4abba
"...... Gold," 1992 album th4abba
Source of the music for a4abba
"Money, Money, Money" ban4abba
"Mamma Mia" quartet4abba
Pop group whose first Top4abba
Inspiration for Bj4abba
Pop group whose name is c4abba
"Dancing Queen" group4abba
"Chiquitita" group4abba
Alphabetically first indu4abba
"Mamma Mia" singers4abba
1970s-'80s group with a p4abba
Group whose name combines4abba
Eastern Church title4abba
Statesman Eban4abba
Rhyme scheme for Mr. Eban4abba
"SOS" singers4abba
Coptic bishop's title4abba
Group with the 1976 hit "4abba
Rhyme scheme4abba
1970's hitmakers from Swe4abba
Redondilla rhyme scheme4abba
Top-selling pop group of4abba
"Dancing Queen" music gro4abba