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Clue length Answer
Commercial break lacking purpose6adrift
Not anchored6adrift
One large display of snowdrops without roots?6adrift
Notice split is wide of the mark6adrift
Without purpose, I'd fart about6adrift
Commercial break moving aimlessly6adrift
A doctor provided time off course6adrift
Loose from moorings6adrift
Aimless dispute in marketing industry?6adrift
Skilful, missing nothing about heading off fleet at sea6adrift
Disagreement following publicity that's aimless6adrift
Negative response three out of four bridge players doubled is rubbish6adrift
Going nowhere in commercial break6adrift
Cut off ends of airtight bag doctor provided6adrift
No longer fixed6adrift
Lost at sea6adrift
Moving without anchor or mooring6adrift
Floating without direction6adrift
Purposeless commercial break6adrift
Off-course during commercial break6adrift
Floating at sea unanchored6adrift
Cast out to sea6adrift
commercial break at sea6adrift
out of control in the main6adrift
A pile of snow cut loose6adrift
not under control as a result of publicity given to split?6adrift
Why Saatchi left Saatchi alone?6adrift
What caused Saatchi & Saatchi to split, so apart?6adrift
Insecure lady shunning outside with separation6adrift
Result of splitting the bill at sea?6adrift
Rudderless at sea6adrift
Notice golfer finally, short distance off course6adrift
All at sea6adrift
Floating aimlessly6adrift
a tendency to go off course6adrift
Aimlessly floating6adrift
Raft I'd rebuilt floating freely6adrift
Raft I'd set loose might be this6adrift
floating aimlessly at sea6adrift
A quarrel over tip for Derby off course6adrift
Lacking purpose6adrift
A pile of snow moving aimlessly6adrift
Loose draft I put in order6adrift