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Clue length Answer
Insect trap of sorts5amber
It signals caution5amber
Color of honey5amber
Yellow shade5amber
Shade of yellow5amber
Resin from ancient trees5amber
Color of waves of grain,5amber
Color meaning "caution" o5amber
...... Alert (abduction bull5amber
Caution light's color5amber
Brownish yellow5amber
Color appropriate for 7-D5amber
Church roof taken from room that's dark yellow5amber
Traffic light colour5amber
Shaping of road requiring no carbon resin5amber
Yellow fossil resin5amber
Light warning bank's not opened5amber
Colour of gong cast into a river5amber
Fossil resin that should be approached with caution5amber
Chambermaid's hiding something precious5amber
Warning signal a doctor hears regularly5amber
Fossilised resin5amber
Orange bream at sea5amber
Traffic light5amber
Dance company's margins vanishing — that's cautionary signal5amber
Fossilised resin used in jewellery5amber
Road warning when first moving off curve in road5amber
medium to dark brownish-yellow colour5amber
light colour between red and green5amber
Yellow-orange hue5amber
Colour of room church abandoned5amber
traffic-light orange5amber
actress heard5amber
... Heard, U.S. actress formerly married to Johnny Depp5amber
Yellowish-brown hard translucent fossil resin used for jewellery5amber
Light that warns companion leaving compartment5amber
Fossil resin5amber
Bream changed colour5amber
Inclination to offload first gem5amber
Caution light5amber
Fossilized resin5amber
Surface curve hasn't cold colour5amber
Bream colour?5amber
A shade of caution5amber
Yellow bream swimming around5amber
Yellow gong clasped by a monarch5amber
Yellow, translucent fossil resin5amber