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7 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Fixed up7amended
Changed what happened at noon?7amended
Something that has been changed or modified7amended
Last word written by Dickens' first editor corrected7amended
Dead men chopped and changed7amended
Corrected at noon?7amended
Made small changes7amended
Changed the wording7amended
changed, as bylaws7amended
revised, as legislation7amended
put right before noon and finished afterwards7amended
Modified formally7amended
like the constitution, 27 times7amended
‘reformed' duke – i agree, newspaper boss to cover7amended
Changed a bill7amended
Made alterations7amended
Changed, as the Constitution7amended
corrected before noon and finished afterwards7amended
put right in the morning and finished afterwards7amended
modified for the better7amended
Put in order for dead men to be replaced7amended
Morning finished, set right7amended
modified, as in d.c.7amended
Dame Edna, almost wrecked, improved7amended
in the morning, finished and corrected7amended
Altered [text]7amended
indeed, man must be improved7amended
so be it - says it's not living and i've put it to rights7amended
Revised [legislation]7amended
Improved when morning was over7amended
improved pm began differently7amended
Emended [text]7amended
Corrected (errors)7amended
put right by dead men, strangely enough!7amended
corrected things by ending a prayer to ed and 500 more7amended
Put it right just as noon was reached?7amended
Incorrect deed man put right7amended