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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

What is the answer to the crossword clue „“. After exploring the clues, we have identified 1 potential solutions.

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Clue length Answer
First name in journals5anais
Diarist Nin5anais
"Henry & June" character5anais
First name in diaries5anais
Henry and June's friend i5anais
Writer Nin5anais
Author Nin5anais
"Nearer the Moon" author5anais
Literary name with a dier5anais
First name in erotic writ5anais
First name in erotica5anais
Novelist Nin5anais
Henry and June's friend,5anais
First name in eroticism5anais
"The Diary of ...... Nin"5anais
nin whose seventh diary volume was published posthumously5anais
'Seduction of the Minotaur' author Nin5anais
Musician Mitchell who created 'Hadestown'5anais
... Mitchell, creator of the Tony-winning musical 'Hadestown'5anais
risque writer nin, born in neuilly-sur-seine, who penned "seduction of the minotaur" in 19585anais
'Henry and June' diarist Nin5anais
playwright and singer/songwriter mitchell who released the album "hadestown" in 2010 and opened the theatrical version in 20165anais
“delta of venus” author nin5anais
"Henry and June's friend in Henry & June"5anais
First name in erotic writing5anais
Literary name with a dieresis5anais
"Nearer the Moon author Nin"5anais
"Henry and June's friend, in a 1990 film"5anais
Diarist first name with a diaeresis5anais
1994 Noël Riley Fitch literary biography5anais
First name among diarists5anais
Friend of Henry and June5anais
Mitchell or Nin5anais
Nin of literature5anais
memoirist and erotic novelist nin5anais
woman's name with two dots over the "i"5anais
"hadestown" creator mitchell5anais
"Hadestown" composer Mitchell5anais
first name in dirty diaries5anais
mitchell who wrote "hadestown"5anais
... Nin, author of Little Birds, adapted for TV in 20205anais
Dominican-American singer Martínez5anais
mitchell who won a tony award for "hadestown"5anais
Singer-songwriter Mitchell who won a Tony Award for Hadestown5anais
Diarist with a dieresis5anais
french-born novelist nin5anais
........ Nin, French-born American writer5anais