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Clue length Answer
Man who's wired?7android
OS add-in or put in a different format?7android
Humanlike robot7android
Human-shaped robot7android
Automaton resembling a human7android
Humanoid robot7android
Human-like robot7android
Human-looking robot7android
Google's Linux-based operating system7android
Smartphone platform represented by a green robot7android
Mobile operating system sounds like a human/robot7android
Google's robotic mobile operating system7android
Operating system developed by Google7android
Advanced robot, self aware, Data from Star Trek7android
A humanoid robot, a mobile operating system7android
one did have choice over operating system7android
Half man, half machine, a human-looking robot7android
Robot with a human form7android
robot resembling 177android
Smartphone operating system, not iOS7android
cyborg's cousin7android
Mechanical man7android
Smartphone operating system7android
Automaton with human form7android
Humanoid automaton7android
Like man, robot has iron Dad, possibly7android
google operating system7android
Commander Data; operating system7android
Human-seeming robot7android
Programmed "person"7android
Sci-fi automaton7android
Sci-fi creature7android
Add iron to build robot7android
Smartphone system7android
1983 sci-film film starring Klaus Kinski, Don Keith Opper and Brie Howard7android
Terminator, perhaps, with immodesty firstly in bar7android
Robot with human appearance and computer operating system7android
ava in "ex machina," for example7android
Google's mobile operating system7android
Robot with a human form; literally means man-like7android
Operating system for many Samsung phones7android
Dr No, I suspect, seen in ad for robot7android
Mobile operating system with a robot logo7android
iphone alternative7android
TV's Data, for one7android