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8 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Western herd8antelope
Bushbuck, e.g.8antelope
Kudu, for one8antelope
Deer playmate, in song8antelope
Quick buck?8antelope
Graceful ruminant - one leapt8antelope
Animal's inclination to toss head and run away8antelope
Springbok perhaps demanded latest centres run with long strides8antelope
Elephant eloped with another beast8antelope
Gazelle, for example8antelope
Animal: one leapt out8antelope
One moving fast from Dinant, eloper8antelope
Animal worker before eastern European uprising8antelope
Mammal native to Africa and Asia8antelope
African horned, hopping "deer"8antelope
Type of animal from which shatoush shawls are made8antelope
Open late possibly for quick buck?8antelope
Complex open late in the zoo8antelope
Animal bound to go after some chips8antelope
Horny beast, perhaps 21, grabbing poor Elton8antelope
Bet a long leaping stride is natural to it8antelope
*Bail, bond?8antelope
Long-legged ruminant8antelope
The animal will run after, you bet8antelope
Animal and insect to run away together8antelope
A lone pet could be a deer8antelope
Worker to abscond with fast runner8antelope
Animal in fantastic leap, note8antelope
Gazelle, e.g8antelope
bet a long, striding gait is natural to it!8antelope
graceful ruminant8antelope
savanna springer8antelope
Animal is neat changing stride8antelope
Eland for one8antelope
Grazing African mammals with permanent horns8antelope
Pet alone evolves as larger animal8antelope
Horned animal8antelope
High-jumping African grazer8antelope
Gazelle or gnu, say8antelope
Deer's playmate?8antelope
Graceful African animal8antelope
Deer-like animal8antelope
Open late perhaps for quick buck?8antelope
Quick buck, say8antelope
Eg, gazelle or eland8antelope
Gnu or impala8antelope
Pronghorn animal8antelope
Mammal such as a gazelle8antelope