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7 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Calm down7appease
Still, in a way7appease
Play the peacemaker7appease
Placate monkey, feeding it vegetables7appease
Placate by giving in to demands7appease
Placate primate hoarding vegetables7appease
Satisfy with a couple of pages on moderate7appease
Pacify, placate someone7appease
Give a sop to, maybe7appease
Is this what the pacifist would do with article on power? Charm the Left to leave!7appease
Placate by making concessions7appease
be conciliatory7appease
placate primate eating vegetables7appease
A letter's read out to placate7appease
A really quiet rest can bring calm7appease
Mollify, placate7appease
Bring calmness to7appease
Pacify with concessions7appease
Seeds eaten by parrot satisfy7appease
Calm or pacify7appease
calm returning father with pudding7appease
Quiet, in a way7appease
Negotiate a la Chamberlain7appease
Do a Chamberlain7appease
Smooth Ruffled Feathers7appease
Calm, primate eating green seeds7appease
placate people by acceding to their demands7appease
Placate with concessions7appease
Placate monkey eating small round things7appease
Calm, pacify7appease
to produce calm exercises one in part of church7appease
placate primate bringing in vegetables7appease
Quieten down a very quiet facility7appease
Calm monkey eating vegetables7appease
Buy off a very soft moderate7appease
Calm, primate eating nutritious seeds7appease
Be the peacemaker, say7appease
calm primate eating vegetables7appease
Pacify, placate7appease
A pulse audible? Calm down7appease
Papa, see somehow if you can mollify7appease