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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Neighbor of Bhutan5assam
Area bordering the Himala5assam
Black tea source5assam
Indian state5assam
Land bordering Bhutan5assam
State in NE India5assam
Northeast Indian state5assam
Indian silk center5assam
It's just south of the Hi5assam
State bordering Tibet5assam
Tea-growing area of the H5assam
Black tea from India5assam
Northeast state of India5assam
Silk-producing region5assam
State of India5assam
Silk-producing region of5assam
Source of Indian tea5assam
Northeastern Indian state5assam
Tea-growing state5assam
Land around the Brahmaput5assam
Scene of 1962 Indian/Chin5assam
Formula 1 driver reverses and leaves5assam
Indian tea-growing area5assam
A lot's served up for tea5assam
Tea in tsarina's samovar5assam
North-east Indian tea state5assam
Tea-growing area5assam
Fool rises in the morning for tea5assam
Tea-growing state in north-east India5assam
Tea service returned after end of tea5assam
Fool in the morning making the tea5assam
Indian silk state5assam
world's largest tea-growing region5assam
Tea from northbound service area5assam
indian state famous for its tea5assam
Starts off at seven in the morning, after small tea5assam
Provider of tea service coming round after midday5assam
Tea-growing Indian state5assam
state of the city of guwahati, a major port on the brahmaputra river5assam
silk-producing area in india5assam
Situated in the Brahmaputra Valley, the world's largest tea-growing state5assam
It's like Samuel to be in part of India5assam
Like Uncle, in a state5assam
State of northeast India producing large quantities of tea5assam
indian tea region5assam
locale of the kaziranga national park, where two-thirds of great one-horned rhinos reside5assam
Tea service article on the counter5assam
Service area set up somewhere in India5assam
A considerable portion served up for tea5assam