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Clue length Answer
Cutting remark4barb
Unkind comment4barb
Nasty remark4barb
Arrowhead feature4barb
Fishhook feature4barb
Stinging comment4barb
Part of a fishhook4barb
Unnice comment4barb
Zinging remark4barb
Fishhook part4barb
Biting comment4barb
Stinging remark4barb
Fishhook's end4barb
Ms Streisand's no artist? An unkind thing to say!4barb
Snide comment4barb
Biting remark4barb
Cutting remark made by hairdresser without hesitation4barb
Hurtful remark4barb
It's painful to hear what drinks cost, though not poor4barb
Pub bore at first provokes sharp comment4barb
Insult lawyers and bishop4barb
Aggressive remark directed at a person4barb
Catty remark4barb
point on a wire fence4barb
Insulting remark4barb
Insult local bachelor4barb
nancy wheeler's best friend on netflix's "stranger things"4barb
Bit of snide criticism4barb
Sharp comment4barb
Pointed remark4barb
Fence prong4barb
There's little point in removing it from rabbit stew4barb
snide remark4barb
Supporter first to bring up insult4barb
Wounding remark4barb
Woundingly pointed remark4barb
Pointed comment4barb
fence-sitter's deterrent4barb
wire cutter?4barb
nancy's best friend in "stranger things"4barb
books, arrests a rabblerouser primarily for sarcasm4barb
Verbal jab4barb
wire sticker4barb

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