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Clue length Answer
Certain sir7baronet
Walter Scott's title7baronet
British sir7baronet
Knight's superior7baronet
Scholar raised voice - "Sir!"7baronet
Titled gentleman's circle in Gt London borough7baronet
Hereditary knight7baronet
Titled man, right individual to be accepted by club7baronet
Titled man's circle in London borough7baronet
Lower noble7baronet
Noble fellow from a Bronte novel7baronet
British rank7baronet
Low-ranking hereditary title7baronet
Title-holder excluding a single Tory leader7baronet
Hereditary title7baronet
Nobleman right one in club7baronet
The legal profession love clear title7baronet
Stop note being sent to peer7baronet
singer, a bass, lifted title …7baronet
Tone bar (anag.)7baronet
He's "Bart" for short7baronet
British nobleman7baronet
Nobleman in tavern on film7baronet
Would he be short of a title if he lost one?7baronet
Peer to stop note being played7baronet
Peer, seeing animated child get a single7baronet
British commoner who can use the title “Sir”7baronet
A sir7baronet
Title created by James I7baronet
He's designated "Sir"7baronet
English title7baronet
Title one rank above knight7baronet
Prevent individual associated with Tory leader getting title7baronet
title of pub, one at end of street7baronet
title, one held by composer7baronet
noble baritone gets upset when i leave7baronet
This 'title' could be 'tile'7baronet
lowest hereditary title7baronet
Scholar raised voice saying 'Sir!'7baronet
Title holder from circle in London borough7baronet
Nobleman in tavern changed note7baronet
Titled fellow from circle in London borough7baronet
Titled person needing oxygen in Greater London borough7baronet

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