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Clue length Answer
Lord of poetry5byron
Originator of the phrase5byron
Poet who wrote "She walks5byron
Poet who originated the p5byron
"Don Juan" poet5byron
English poet5byron
Lord —, Romantic poet5byron
Aristocratic British poet, d. 18245byron
Lord —, poet5byron
english poet, said to be ‘mad, bad, and dangerous to know', d. 18245byron
English Romantic poet who fought in the Greek Revolution5byron
"don juan" author, lord ...5byron
George Gordon —, poet whose works include When We Two Parted and Beppo5byron
Poetic Lord5byron
"She Walks in Beauty" poet5byron
winner of 11 straight golf tournaments in 1945, and twice us masters champion (continued in 33 across)5byron
"... truth is always strange; / stranger than fiction" poet5byron
Poet possibly born around the end of the century5byron
the phrase "truth is stranger than fiction" originated from canto xiv of a poem of "immoral content" by this author5byron
winner of 18 of 35 pga tournaments in 1945, .... nelson5byron
Poet's line recalled in good French5byron
"Poet who originated the phrase truth is stranger than fiction"5byron
By name, a lord5byron
"Originator of the phrase truth is stranger than fiction"5byron
"Poet who wrote She walks in beauty, like the night"5byron
"mythbusters" cast member kari ......5byron
A lord by name5byron
Justice White5byron
"The Prisoner of Chillon" poet5byron
“She Walks in Beauty” poet Lord ...5byron
Chronicler of Don Juan5byron
Author of "Don Juan"5byron
"Childe Harold" poet5byron
Former Supreme Court Justice White5byron
British poet5byron
... Bay (coastal town in Australia)5byron
poet born deformed around end of january5byron
Poet passed right along5byron
English poet 1788-18245byron
how hermione had a child, a poet5byron

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