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Clue length Answer
Site of Jesus' first mira4cana
Scene of Jesus' first mir4cana
Miracle site in John 2:14cana
Galilee town in John 2:14cana
Water-to-wine site4cana
Water-to-wine town4cana
Biblical wedding site4cana
Biblical miracle setting4cana
Biblical water-to-wine si4cana
Marriage site in John 2:14cana
"Marriage at ......" (Verone4cana
Where Jesus turned water into wine4cana
Biblical marriage feast location4cana
Town in Galilee where Jesus is said to have performed his first miracle4cana
Biblical miracle site4cana
water-to-wine locale4cana
Biblical town of Galilee4cana
Galilee miracle village4cana
Village in Galilee4cana
Scene of Jesus' first miracle4cana
Site of an early miracle4cana
Wedding miracle site4cana
"Marriage at ... (Veronese painting)"4cana
Site of Jesus' first miracle4cana
Injectable diazepam, in military lingo4cana
Scene of first miracle4cana
Biblical water-to-wine site4cana
Veronese's "The Wedding at ......"4cana
Miracle site4cana
Water-into-wine site4cana
Biblical water-to-wine locale4cana
Biblical miracles site4cana
Where water turned to wine4cana
New Testament Galilean village4cana
Site of the first miracle4cana
Biblical wedding place4cana
New Testament miracle site4cana
Site of a biblical wedding feast4cana
Site of Christ's first miracle4cana
First miracle site4cana
Village in John 2:14cana
Biblical town4cana
Scene of two miracles4cana
Wedding site in John 2:14cana
Site of first miracle4cana
Galilee town4cana
Famed wedding site4cana
Town in Galilee4cana
Site of a miracle4cana
Wedding site: John 2: 1–114cana