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6 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

What is the answer to the crossword clue „“. After exploring the clues, we have identified 1 potential solutions.

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Clue length Answer
World leader from 19596castro
He stopped smoking cigars6castro
San Francisco district6castro
Classic convertible name6castro
San Francisco neighborhoo6castro
Revolutionary of 19576castro
1950 University of Havana6castro
San Francisco street or t6castro
Cuban leader6castro
Sad ending of 21 with exploding cigar6castro
Communist statesman spread gold around6castro
Fidel or Raúl6castro
Revolutionary vehicle keeps empty spacecraft supplied with oxygen6castro
Revolutionary pitched with other ranks on the counter6castro
Communist star managed to infiltrate company6castro
Target of Bay of Pigs Invasion6castro
fidel –––, a primary leader of the cuban revolution, who served as president of cuba 1976-20086castro
Fidel of Cuba6castro
fidel who overthrew batista6castro
Democratic politician Julián6castro
Players run out in famous red6castro
* Actors relocated?6castro
A Cuban leader retired, revolutionary sort?6castro
fidel, cuban statesman6castro
Leader in Caribbean, a revolutionary sort6castro
San Francisco neighborhood with the6castro
Big name in Havana6castro
Fidel ....6castro
2020 presidential candidate Julián6castro
Cuba's Fidel6castro
Cuban leader Fidel6castro
Out of sorts, accused up-and-coming left-winger6castro
'50s revolutionary6castro
Actors playing for Cuban leader6castro
He stopped smoking cigars in 19856castro
San Francisco street or theater6castro
1950 University of Havana grad6castro
Storied San Francisco neighborhood6castro
World leader who co-wrote the book "How Far We Slaves Have Come!" with Mandela6castro
San Antonio mayor Julián, keynote speaker at the 2012 Democratic convention6castro
Bearded leader6castro
Subject of a 1986 Tad Szulc biography6castro
Washington persona non grata6castro
Batista's successor6castro
Latin strongman since 19596castro
Noted Havana smoker6castro
Batista's 1959 successor6castro
Havana V.I.P.6castro
He overthrew Batista6castro
Former governor of Ariz.6castro