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Clue length Answer
Waldorf salad ingredient6celery
Stalk vegetable6celery
Crunchy vegetable6celery
Salad stalk6celery
Plant with edible stems6celery
Long-stemmed vegetable6celery
Plant with succulent leaf stalks6celery
Light green vegetable eaten and used in cooking6celery
Stalked vegetable that calms gout symptoms6celery
Many eat this stalk with peanut butter6celery
Long-stemmed salad veg with leaves at top6celery
Crunchy veg of the parsley family6celery
Tuna sandwich veggie6celery
cancel eatery - only last halves used as vegetable6celery
24 down tears, with footballer missing header between the sticks6celery
Vegetable in sticks6celery
Vegetable often eaten raw, so it must be chopped in haste6celery
Vegetable? It's not served in rush6celery
Dip stick?6celery
Crunchy salad stalks6celery
The umbelliferous plant Apium graveolens dulce, whose blanched leafstalks are used in salads or cooked as a vegetable6celery
"sticky" vegetable6celery
Crunchy stick6celery
Bellow takes in the Spanish Point with one of The Greens6celery
Salad sticks6celery
Component of ants on a log6celery
Crunchy stalk6celery
Edible stalk6celery
Does Lee cry about the vegetable?6celery
Crunchy salad vegetable6celery
Bloody Mary stirrer6celery
Sticks in the supermarket6celery
Stick in the salad6celery
Relish-tray item6celery
Salad ingredient6celery
Salad vegetable6celery
Biennial plant6celery
Popular appetizer6celery
Dieter's standby6celery
Salad item6celery
Fibrous green vegetable with leaf and pascal types6celery
Base for a low-calorie green soup6celery
Edible leafstalk6celery
A stalk vegetable6celery
the "logs" in "ants on a log"6celery
When it comes to the crunch, you can eat it raw6celery
Salad vegetable of carrot family6celery
Vegetable, you can make speed out of it6celery
Crisp salad sticks6celery
A ...... stalk often garnishes a bloody mary6celery

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