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Clue length Answer
Preside over5chair
Council honcho5chair
Position of authority5chair
Committee head5chair
Head of a meeting5chair
Professorship, e.g.5chair
Target-centering aid5chair
A sitter employs one5chair
Drastic sentence, with "t5chair
Committee leader5chair
Leader of a meeting5chair
Conduct, in a way5chair
One making a contribution to cleaner furniture?5chair
One brought in to do work overseeing meeting5chair
It'd be cleaner if I wasn't sat in it5chair
Key locks office5chair
Factory back in Newcastle area, active for a long time5chair
Meeting leader5chair
Position of professor, one tucking into tea5chair
Barnet follows Conservative leader of meeting5chair
Preside over church with atmosphere5chair
Children look for president5chair
Be in charge of post at university5chair
Moderate shock perhaps after first of calamities5chair
Somewhere to sit meeting leader5chair
Seat for one in charge of meeting5chair
hospital in middle eastern city dismisses old director5chair
Seat in a cubicle5chair
Rocker could be president5chair
To catch one fish might be easy5chair
Seat of learning?5chair
Take meeting to make academic appointment5chair
rocking ...5chair
One in cleaner seat5chair
Preside over key musical5chair
Seat for one5chair
Conduct church melody5chair
furniture not on the floor?5chair
Place to sit5chair
Single seat5chair
Waiting room seat5chair
conduct a meeting with position of authority5chair
Shock given by cold dentist's equipment5chair
why a professor should have little standing?5chair
note on musical academic post5chair
Barbershop sight5chair
Item of furniture5chair
Head of college locks position for its senior staff5chair

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