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Clue length Answer
Billiards need5chalk
Pool hall need5chalk
Poolroom need5chalk
Pool accessory5chalk
Writer on a slate5chalk
Gymnastics school supply5chalk
Lesson writer?5chalk
Hopscotch player's buy5chalk
It's rubbed on a cue tip5chalk
Like Dover's cliffs5chalk
Classroom supply5chalk
Substance totally different from cheese!5chalk
Calcium carbonate5chalk
Coating on a gymnast's hands5chalk
sidewalk art medium5chalk
Classroom supply for a blackboard5chalk
Tip-top appliance in frame?5chalk
White stuff on a blackboard5chalk
Blackboard need5chalk
A cue needs what may be long as a margin5chalk
Powdery limestone5chalk
Poolroom cube5chalk
Sidewalk artist's medium5chalk
Blackboard writing tool5chalk
Blackboard's companion5chalk
Soft mineral5chalk
Snooker accessory5chalk
Sidewalk writing aid5chalk
It's used on a cue tip5chalk
Fossil seashell derivative5chalk
Writing material5chalk
Teacher's need5chalk
Blackboard writer5chalk
Sidewalk art supply5chalk
Drawing Material5chalk
"They're as different as ... and cheese"5chalk
sidewalk artist's supply5chalk
Tool for writing on blackboards or on the ground, often white5chalk
Medium that Tracy Lee Stum draws in5chalk
White limestone5chalk
Different to cheese5chalk
Substance used in school and pool5chalk
Material for writing on a blackboard5chalk
Blackboard Writing Implement5chalk
Hopscotch grid maker's need5chalk
Blackboard "pen"5chalk
Tailor's marker5chalk
Form of limestone5chalk

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