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Clue length Answer
It's said when lifting th6cheers
Bar "where everybody know6cheers
Common toast6cheers
Word accompanying a clink6cheers
After church, rector enters retired bishop's office for toast6cheers
"Bottoms up!"6cheers
Drinker's toast6cheers
Bottoms up; thanks6cheers
Good health makes you feel better6cheers
Shouts encouragement in board game with centre hidden6cheers
Singer's keeping last of home comforts6cheers
Acclamation in church always before start of sermon6cheers
Thank you for this sitcom6cheers
Toast is warming6cheers
Stadium cries6cheers
All the best of old sitcom6cheers
Hurrah for good health6cheers
Thanks for the encouragement!6cheers
US comedy centred around a Boston bar6cheers
Shouts encouragement for sitcom6cheers
Goodbye, and thank you for the applause6cheers
Three will show approval6cheers
US television sitcom set in a Boston bar6cheers
Good luck is heart-warming6cheers
Your health bucks up6cheers
Ted Danson show where everybody knows your name6cheers
Acts like a fan6cheers
gives encouragement, three at a time!6cheers
Ted Danson series6cheers
"rah" and "hip hip hooray"6cheers
Good health gives comfort6cheers
gives encouragement to drink6cheers
glass-aloft salutation6cheers
sitcom title bar6cheers
Down the hatch6cheers
hip hip hooray for the drinker?6cheers
thanks for shouts of encouragement6cheers
U.S. TV sitcom set in a Boston bar6cheers
Hit show with the series finale 'One for the Road'6cheers
shows approval for the toast6cheers
Toastmaster's word6cheers
Rallying cries6cheers
TV show with the theme "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"6cheers
"Here's to you!"6cheers
Shouts of approval6cheers
It's said when lifting the arm6cheers
"Bar where everybody knows your name"6cheers
Long-running US sitcom based in a Boston bar6cheers
Oktoberfest exclamation6cheers
Long-running NBC sitcom6cheers