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Clue length Answer
Statesman's a crusty sort, adopting son, perhaps - but not daughter9churchill
Ill-bred fellow's abrupt and unfriendly with old leader9churchill
Cigar-smoking British Prime Minister during WWII9churchill
Twice UK Prime Minister, won Nobel Prize in 19539churchill
“A History of the English Speaking Peoples” author9churchill
Winston ...., UK Prime Minister during WWII9churchill
First Prime Minister under Queen Elizabeth9churchill
Last name of British Prime Minister during WWII9churchill
British prime minister during WWII9churchill
Prime Minister who replaced Neville Chamberlain9churchill
Winston, who served as the UK's PM during WWII9churchill
... Downs, US venue of the Kentucky Derby9churchill
Canadian port named the world's polar bear capital9churchill
british pm fell behind, assembly ending early9churchill
... one before and after finding Christians unhealthy9churchill
Where minister officiates with dicky PM9churchill
River in central Canada that rises in Saskatchewan and flows east through several lakes to Hudson Bay9churchill
British statesman9churchill
Playwright Caryl9churchill
Attlee predecessor9churchill
British prime minister9churchill
Iron Curtain speechmaker9churchill
pm gets to relax after cold sore finally disappears9churchill
The country home in the film Love and Friendship9churchill
british historical figure who said, "those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it"9churchill
Name in a racing site9churchill
British PM9churchill
Caryl ......, English playwright whose award-winning plays include Top Girls and Serious Money9churchill
UK Prime Minister during the Second World War9churchill
UK Prime Minister who led through World War II9churchill
Winston ... famously said, "If you are going through hell, keep going."9churchill
statesman badly led by the clergy9churchill
statesman in place of worship, unwell9churchill
Prime minister who represented the United Kingdom at the 1945 Yalta Conference9churchill
prime minister of great britain who led his country to victory9churchill
Famous statesman badly led by the clergy9churchill
two-time UK prime minister9churchill
oscar-winning role for oldman in "darkest hour"9churchill
Worshipping establishment, peculiar old leader9churchill
A Yalta Conference attendee9churchill
Charlotte perhaps meeting sick war hero9churchill

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