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Clue length Answer
Avoid transcription errors for author's protection9copyright
Policeman back on duty, yes? It's an act9copyright
You can't use others' original work due to this9copyright
Legal ownership of material9copyright
Law to protect from plagiarism9copyright
Legal ownership to creative work9copyright
Protection gets ape on side9copyright
Protection of original work, but imitation OK?9copyright
Author's protection9copyright
Policeman fit to guard Yard's exclusive property9copyright
Bashful around papa over proper form of protection9copyright
Legal notice9copyright
Do the same, just to protect9copyright
Author got chirpy over claim to text9copyright
"Counterfeit Conservative" is legal title.9copyright
Protection for writer provided by detective, maybe just joining Yard9copyright
Legal licence to reproduce artistic works9copyright
Author's safeguard in pricy Goth novel9copyright
Exclusive right granted to the creator of a literary or artistic work9copyright
Protected ape immediately9copyright
Properly reproduce what protects the writer9copyright
Writer's protection9copyright
Ape just getting protection9copyright
Legal exclusive use of work9copyright
Author's title: Follow the Tories9copyright
Inventor's patent9copyright
Journalist's matter given proper patent9copyright
Yet it's wrong to imitate anything like this9copyright
Protection against piracy - though not a piracy Goth exercised9copyright
Parrot with suitable protection9copyright
Behave like Conservatives in control over work9copyright
Careful journalist will get this legal protection against piracy9copyright
Modest author, we hear, securing power to control publication9copyright
Follow conservatives in control over reproduction9copyright
Patent stupidity finally admitted by policeman and Tory9copyright
Protect from the sincerest flattery?9copyright
Avoid transcription errors for author's benefit9copyright
Legal property9copyright
Creator's protection9copyright
Reproduce correct author's safeguard9copyright
Ape correct to get a patent9copyright
Ape finds appropriate protection9copyright
Exclusive ownership of work for a set period9copyright
Musician's protection9copyright
Journalist's patent9copyright
Legal protection9copyright
Modest about power and Tory protection9copyright
Author"s safeguard is pricy Goth novel9copyright
Legal power to reproduce an artistic work9copyright
Ownership of artistic work9copyright