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4 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Pull an all-nighter4cram
Study, and then some4cram
Pack ......4cram
Hit the books hard4cram
Study, study, study4cram
Stuff (in)4cram
Pack tightly4cram
Make final preparations?4cram
Burn the midnight oil, st4cram
Study hard and fast4cram
Study just before a test4cram
Learn a lot, say4cram
Fill by force4cram
Learn a lot quickly4cram
Squeeze (in)4cram
Study hard4cram
Study hard at the last mi4cram
Learn fast, maybe4cram
Pack in4cram
Study for finals4cram
Study late4cram
Pack to capacity4cram
Study for an exam4cram
Stuff to study4cram
Atone for a semester of goofing off4cram
prepare frantically for finals4cram
Stuff provided by many sheep4cram
pack tight, or study all night4cram
learn quickly, in a way4cram
stuff to capacity — prepare for exam at the eleventh hour4cram
Stuff to study intensively4cram
Study in a hurry4cram
Steve —, 1986 Commonwealth 800m gold medallist4cram
force to fit4cram
pull a pre-exam all-nighter4cram
Study intensively4cram
Stuff; study hard4cram
Study all night4cram
Pull an all-nighter, maybe4cram
Revise feverishly4cram
Study intensely4cram
Study overnight for a test4cram
Study at the last minute4cram