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Clue length Answer
Patterned fabric6damask
Lustrous fabric6damask
Reversible fabric6damask
Tablecloths and napkins,6damask
Table linen fabric6damask
Heavy linen6damask
Greyish-pink colour mother needs to question6damask
Patterned table linen6damask
Fabric used for table linen6damask
Madam, a skirt will contain this material6damask
Material to conceal outmoded hairstyle on top6damask
Mother's request for silk6damask
Heavy, patterned table-linen fabric6damask
Prosecutor with impassive face, a silk6damask
Tablecloth fabric6damask
table linen named after a place in the middle east6damask
fabric named for a city in syria6damask
Russian agreement to conceal material6damask
Block request for material6damask
“Mother,” you enquire “What is that material?”6damask
Rich patterned fabric6damask
lustrous patterned fabric6damask
ornamental fabric6damask
variety of rose; linen6damask
Enquire after barrier material6damask
Block demand for fine fabric6damask
Keen about demand for patterned material6damask
Block request for woven material6damask
Figured material6damask
it's mad going back to request fabric6damask
Get mother to request material6damask
Material question: cracked up over that6damask
"Tablecloths and napkins, maybe"6damask
Velvety pink6damask
napkin material6damask
napkin fabric6damask
Linen fabric6damask
Table linen, often6damask
Upholstery fabric6damask
Deep pink6damask
Adorn elaborately6damask
Richly patterned fabric6damask
Figured fabric6damask
Fine linen6damask
Firm, lustrous fabric6damask
Fancy fabric6damask
Rich fabric with a woven pattern6damask
Two family members and first son Kelvin produces material that has a number of sides to it6damask
Daughter needs a face-covering material6damask
Upholstery material6damask

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