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4 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Like a morning meadow4dewy
......-eyed (naive)4dewy
Moist in the morning4dewy
Wet, as morning grass4dewy
Like morning grass4dewy
Moist, as morning grass4dewy
Like a lawn at dawn4dewy
Slightly wet4dewy
Like some morning grass4dewy
Marry around end of July - it's damp4dewy
Fresh running water in Wales variable: something done to bottle it4dewy
Finally, Torquay United promoted, sparkling in the morning?4dewy
moist, as blades4dewy
Like grass at sunrise4dewy
Yankee on Wednesday returned, in early morning, damp?4dewy
like morning fields4dewy
like fields in the morning, maybe4dewy
Like grass in the morning4dewy
like early-morning golf greens4dewy
like a meadow in the morning4dewy
Wet with morning moisture4dewy
like lawns in the morning4dewy
Like a petal in the morning4dewy
Refreshing: poetic4dewy
Damp, as morning grass4dewy
Wet, in a way4dewy
Presidential candidate once sounded a bit wet4dewy
Youthful and fresh4dewy
Moist, perhaps4dewy
Like grass at dawn4dewy
" . . . ......-feather'd sleep": Milton4dewy
Moist, in a way4dewy
Moist, as blossoms4dewy
Moist, as flowers4dewy
Extremely docile, weepy, moist4dewy
wet, as grass4dewy
Wet with condensation moistened4dewy
Like the lawn at dawn4dewy
like a fresh morning windshield4dewy
Like meadows in mornings4dewy
Wet, as grass in the morning4dewy
Having morning moisture4dewy
Wet with dawn moisture4dewy
Like grass with overnight condensation4dewy