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Clue length Answer
City on the Elbe7dresden
Zwinger Museum site7dresden
Briefly arrange private office in German city7dresden
City of Germany7dresden
German city known for its china7dresden
Old king rejected communist's command7dresden
Theologian retaining support for the most part in French city7dresden
Empty dresser badly needs porcelain7dresden
Prepare without finishing and study in China7dresden
German city controversially bombed in WWII7dresden
Send Doctor English out in the city7dresden
Bombed city in Germany or China7dresden
Fine porcelain7dresden
German city on the Elbe, home to Zwinger Palace7dresden
"slaughterhouse-five" city7dresden
Doctor needs fluid for German city7dresden
Needs and is ordered to go to a doctor in Germany7dresden
city dweller shaved without one after daybreak7dresden
dread on making a small and hollow cadre back a city7dresden
German city doctor needs to reform7dresden
End up arresting head of state in Communist China7dresden
Capital of Saxony7dresden
The ... Dolls (cabaret/punk band)7dresden
German city known for china7dresden
German city on the Elbe7dresden
Fine German porcelain7dresden
Prepare endlessly and study in China7dresden
Somehow ends Red China7dresden
China from the German city7dresden
doctor needs to change city7dresden
City known as "Florence on the Elbe"7dresden
German city rebuilt after W.W. II7dresden
Kind of china7dresden
......china (fine porcelain)7dresden
Reds end up in this city7dresden
China town7dresden
China of Germany7dresden
German city7dresden
City in Germany or China?7dresden
City bombed in Germany or China7dresden
Baroque German city7dresden
china's place in western europe7dresden
Study involving leader of sect in Red China7dresden
developer's first resolution - study city7dresden
City in 17, capital of Saxony7dresden
China's place in East Europe7dresden
german city known for its chin7dresden