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Clue length Answer
New York's time zone7eastern
Part of E.T.7eastern
From China, e.g.7eastern
Washington time7eastern
"We earn our wings every7eastern
Opposite of western7eastern
Japanese, say, ultimately carefree as bird?7eastern
Seen on choppy sea, aquatic bird from the orient7eastern
Fantastic seabird from the Orient7eastern
One Direction's festival season's ending7eastern
Spring festival given name like 6, 7, 21s and the 25?7eastern
Terribly earnest Japanese?7eastern
Sweetheart seen with backward Oriental7eastern
12 noon and it's heading to 90°7eastern
Mid-September before a sailor's back from Asia, perhaps7eastern
A novelist cycled from Asia, perhaps7eastern
Oriental crane ultimately like seabird7eastern
Third of crew at back of ship from the orient7eastern
Directorate at last behind Oriental7eastern
English getting behind Chinese, perhaps7eastern
Fylde in the end behind Orient7eastern
From one direction, point to the back of the ship7eastern
Bananensis Blennys are found in the .... Atlantic7eastern
The opposite of western7eastern
ss great —; steamship designed by isambard kingdom brunel7eastern
Key given to a demanding Oriental7eastern
Oriental festival on the third of June7eastern
oriental insurance finally adjusts rates by the middle of the month7eastern
Not western7eastern
Teresa remains close to one's heart towards sunrise7eastern
Maryland time zone7eastern
Where Port Elizabeth is a pretence, as liberal7eastern
part of est7eastern
Oriental flower found in middle of Kent7eastern
a strict professor, essentially — originally from asia, perhaps?7eastern
Airline that folded in 19917eastern
State at last behind Oriental7eastern
Toward the sunrise7eastern
part of edt7eastern
asian flower seen in ethiopian border7eastern
Chinese ultimately behind Oriental7eastern
each back from a certain direction7eastern
Nearest broadcast is from China?7eastern
Oriental festival on the first of November7eastern
Like some mysticism7eastern
From the Orient7eastern
American rival until 19917eastern
Oriental festival name?7eastern