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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

What is the answer to the crossword clue „“. After exploring the clues, we have identified 1 potential solutions.

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Clue length Answer
1984 Weird Al Yankovic hi5eatit
Suffer a loss, slangily5eatit
Suffer defeat, slangily5eatit
Fail ignominiously5eatit
Lose ignominiously, in sl5eatit
1984 hit parody of a 19835eatit
Really love something, wi5eatit
Accept a bad defeat, in s5eatit
Absorb a loss5eatit
Suffer ignominious defeat5eatit
Suffer ignominy5eatit
1984 hit with the lyric "5eatit
Suffer an embarrassing de5eatit
Weird Al Yankovic's first5eatit
Suffer a humiliating loss5eatit
Absorb the cost, in slang5eatit
take a financial loss5eatit
absorb the loss5eatit
weird al song with the lyric "you won't get no dessert 'til you clean off your plate"5eatit
Suffer defeat5eatit
take the loss5eatit
fall face first while skiing, say5eatit
wipe out, in snowboarding slang5eatit
Grammy-winning “Weird Al” song5eatit
fail to nail a snowboarding trick, say5eatit
"Suffer a humiliating loss, in slang"5eatit
fail painfully5eatit
absorb a financial loss5eatit
"Lose ignominiously, in slang"5eatit
1984 Weird Al Yankovic hit5eatit
"Accept a bad defeat, in slang"5eatit
1984 hit parody of a 1983 hit song5eatit
"Really love something, with up"5eatit
"Suffer ignominious defeat, in slang"5eatit
"Suffer an embarrassing defeat, slangily"5eatit
"1984 hit with the lyric Have a banana, have a whole bunch"5eatit
Weird Al Yankovic's first Billboard hit5eatit
Totally wipe out5eatit
Suffer humiliation, in slang5eatit
First Top 40 hit for Weird Al Yankovic5eatit
Wipe out, in surfing lingo5eatit
Grammy-winning Weird Al Yankovic song5eatit
Weird Al Yankovic parody5eatit
Enjoy something enormously, with "up"5eatit
" . . . and ye shall ...... in haste": Ex. 12:115eatit
"And thus shall ye ...... . . . ": Ex. 12:115eatit
"And thus shall ye ......": Exod.5eatit
"You can't have your cake if you ......"5eatit
"You can't have your cake and ......"5eatit