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Clue length Answer
King's word5edict
It's handed down5edict
...... of Nantes5edict
Undemocratic law5edict
It's the law5edict
Papal bull, e.g.5edict
...... of Nantes, 15985edict
Formal decree5edict
Government order5edict
Junta's act5edict
Order not entirely predictable5edict
Ben leaves pope a Fiat5edict
What press chief may do about Conservative decree5edict
Formal proclamation5edict
Order policemen, in extremes of temperature, to retreat5edict
Inserting chapter, prepare to publish formal proclamation5edict
Official proclamation5edict
Official order5edict
Order the Chambers app?5edict
English detective gets court order5edict
Final three of seventeen return court order5edict
Proclamation wrongly cited5edict
Instruction redraft safeguards clubs5edict
Prophesy pair will leave order5edict
Henry IV's ... of Nantes was revoked by Louis XIV's ... of Fontainebleau5edict
Order cited in new order5edict
royal decree5edict
Proclamation freely cited5edict
Royal proclamation5edict
Decree retained by vile dictator5edict
monarch's decree5edict
Authoritative decree5edict
Clubs in correct order5edict
Official decree5edict
Order thesaurus in online form?5edict
cited a decree5edict
Order from on high5edict
... in unpredictable order5edict
Without copyright, rephrase ordinance5edict
lacking public relations, forecast order5edict
Film about police department overturning decree5edict
Law incorrectly cited5edict
no smoking in the office, for example5edict
Order from above5edict