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Clue length Answer
The prince in "The Prince6edward
Prince in "The Prince and6edward
King who united England6edward
The Black Prince6edward
Journalist keeps cutting of very small one of the 20A6edward
One of several kings in conflict, surrounded by endless revolution6edward
England and Germany fighting over daughter of old king6edward
Chap involved in noted war drama6edward
The Earl of Wessex6edward
27 initially engendered conflict between daughters6edward
King Lear?6edward
— Scissorhands6edward
Blackbeard's first name6edward
Third son of Queen Elizabeth II6edward
Boys Town hero played by Spencer Tracy, Father ....6edward
.... Scissorhands, Depp portrayed him6edward
.... Scissorhands starred Johnny Depp6edward
.... Norton, US actor, producer, director, activist6edward
Canada's smallest province: Prince .... Island6edward
First name of British composer Britten6edward
He abdicated the throne in 1936: .... VIII6edward
Sketch of French revolutionary fellow6edward
He married Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999: Prince ...6edward
Its capital is Charlottetown: Prince ... Island6edward
First name of poet who signed name e.e. Cummings6edward
1990 Tim Burton movie, ... Scissorhands6edward
Father of the two "Princes in the Tower": ... IV6edward
King Henry III's successor to the throne: ... I6edward
Joseph's role in 'Snowden'6edward
Scissorhands, e.g6edward
Unleashed war dogs holding king6edward
Earl of Wessex, married Sophie Rhys-Jones in 19996edward
Regnal name of six kings of England6edward
"twilight" vampire6edward
Male given name which means “protector of wealth”6edward
The eighth one abdicated6edward
Fox, maybe, or a teddy6edward
Plantagenet inside released war dogs6edward
Waged war determinedly to show 16edward
... Teach; Blackbeard the pirate's true identity6edward
The blue no 2 loco in Thomas the Tank Engine6edward
Actor Norton6edward
Longshanks in some measure unleashed war dogs6edward
Norton, Snowden, Olmos or Burns6edward
Name of eight English kings6edward
Man's name6edward
Canada's Prince ... Island6edward
Dramatist Albee6edward
Norton in movies6edward
“... Scissorhands,” 1990 fantasy romance film directed by Tim Burton starring, Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder6edward

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