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9 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
...... 69endeavour
Nurse gets to make short work of a repressed policeman9endeavour
Try charm to overwhelm very old unionist9endeavour
Try an overdue reform9endeavour
Aim always, say, to try hard9endeavour
Morse code manoeuvred, unopened9endeavour
Effort to finish with ultimately fine favour — start to go off9endeavour
Ship on which James Cook sailed to Australia9endeavour
Led by Lord Beckett in Pirates of the Caribbean9endeavour
Try nut and bolt to secure area9endeavour
Crime drama with an overdue twist9endeavour
Vessel commanded by Captain James Cook9endeavour
Try to get a duo never out of place9endeavour
crack goal by english champion eliminates france9endeavour
attempt to stop constantly being heard9endeavour
Try to stop each victory of US9endeavour
Try hard flying over a dune9endeavour
To try to finish with form of Ave is our conclusion9endeavour
morse's first attempt9endeavour
"Shot!" always heard following goal9endeavour
Retired space shuttle9endeavour
Make serious effort9endeavour
Try to find Inspector Morse?9endeavour
Cook's vessel for detective series9endeavour
Make a serious effort9endeavour
Make an effort to do9endeavour
Final operational shuttle built by NASA9endeavour
Aim always, it's said, to make an industrious effort9endeavour
Determined effort9endeavour
Morse's first name and last always stated9endeavour
Purpose English favour, heading off making effort9endeavour
Try to stop listener describing victory over United9endeavour
go over nude beach? heartily excited9endeavour
Try an overdue alternative9endeavour
Try hard; enterprise9endeavour
Trouble over a nude shot9endeavour
Take pains to be outmanoeuvred after mass9endeavour
strive - over a nude9endeavour
strive — inspector morse's first name9endeavour
try - captain cook's vessel9endeavour
try - cook's vessel9endeavour
try getting goal, english support lacking at first9endeavour
try to be a detective inspector9endeavour
try to put away article enclosed to follow directions9endeavour
try – cook's ship9endeavour
Try a new road venue9endeavour
Rearrange an overdue attempt9endeavour
Cook's ship of 1770's fame9endeavour