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Clue length Answer
Naval Academy grad6ensign
Naval standard6ensign
Coast Guard rank6ensign
Naval banner6ensign
Annapolis graduate6ensign
Junior naval officer6ensign
Academy graduate6ensign
Nationality indicator6ensign
Navy flier?6ensign
Naval officer6ensign
Standard - flag6ensign
Opponents' house colours6ensign
Junior officer found on the staff6ensign
Flag; officer6ensign
Military flag6ensign
It may have been shed by lighter fighters, perhaps before midday6ensign
Flag officer, Geordie, given lift by Leo?6ensign
Flag; rank6ensign
Red ...., British flag seen at sea6ensign
Flag police down at last with gesture6ensign
usn rank equivalent to the army's second lieutenant6ensign
Officer standard6ensign
Turning in nothing, is nervous and colours6ensign
Naval flag6ensign
“Jack ... could eat no fat…”6ensign
Ship's flag and junior officer6ensign
Flag for junior officer6ensign
9 officer6ensign
A measure to endorse the flag6ensign
Standard element of McLaren's ignition6ensign
Standard rank6ensign
american officer shows the flag6ensign
Topless, people put name to junior officer6ensign
Naval rank6ensign
Flying symbol of nationality6ensign
Typical graduate of Starfleet Academy6ensign
standard space to print and write one's name6ensign
points to a portent fluttering in the breeze?6ensign
Flag bike down at last with gesture6ensign
american officer showing the flag6ensign
often signals officer is kept inside6ensign
Naval flier6ensign
...... badge6ensign
Topless men sing drunkenly for officer6ensign
Ship's flag6ensign
Pulver of literature6ensign

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