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6 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
...... Lawrence, inventor of6ernest
English poet Dowson6ernest
Frank's partner in the co6ernest
...... J. Gaines, who wrote6ernest
One of the Gallo brothers6ernest
Cyclotron inventor ...... La6ernest
Nobel-winning physicist R6ernest
Storyteller Hemingway6ernest
Swiss-American composer B6ernest
...... Tubb, the Texas Troub6ernest
One of wine's Gallo broth6ernest
Author Hemingway6ernest
Companion of Algernon in6ernest
...... Evans, a k a Chubby C6ernest
A Gallo brother6ernest
Winemaker Gallo6ernest
Antarctic explorer Shackl6ernest
Painter Meissonier6ernest
Repeated film title role6ernest
Tubb, "The Texas Troubado6ernest
Mr. Hemingway6ernest
Country singer Tubb6ernest
Conductor Ansermet6ernest
Writer Hemingway6ernest
Man's name6ernest
Name of modern establishment6ernest
borgnine of "airwolf"6ernest
Old TV character who spoke to Vern6ernest
Chemistry Nobelist Rutherford6ernest
Name on the cover of "The Sun Also Rises"6ernest
Fellow said to be serious6ernest
... Hemingway, American author6ernest
hemingway who won a nobel in literature6ernest
Papa Hemingway6ernest
paternal grandfather of mariel hemingway6ernest
Clueless 80s movie character6ernest
"Marty" star Borgnine6ernest
Lost Generation's Hemingway6ernest
first name of a literary "papa"6ernest
the "e" in e. & j. gallo6ernest
name on the cover of "death in the afternoon"6ernest
antarctic explorer shackleton6ernest
gallo family brother6ernest
physicist rutherford6ernest
Serious-sounding fellow6ernest
Serious-sounding name6ernest
Papa of literature6ernest
rutherford with an element named for him6ernest
Actor Borgnine6ernest
He possibly enters in earnest, we're told6ernest