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Best answers for 8 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Guess ties were designed by friend8estimate
Rough guess8estimate
Somewhat dishonest, I'm a terrible judge8estimate
Likely cost of this person's cracking country pile8estimate
Meatiest stews producing round figure?8estimate
rough figure8estimate
Approximate, educated guess8estimate
Reckon to eat poorly at various times8estimate
Calculate approximately8estimate
Guess it's the wrong site, chum8estimate
A guess; rough calculation, ballpark figure8estimate
"Compiler's in the car" - that's a quotation8estimate
Reckon to have one million in assets8estimate
Assess time sat working on end of puzzle8estimate
Best guess8estimate
I am entering E, say, as rough guess8estimate
Prediction of how much the bill will be8estimate
guess i am in an eastern country8estimate
Guess I am in the class8estimate
Contractor's quote8estimate
Value of property? About one million8estimate
Rough guess: one million in assets8estimate
Rough guess has one million in assets8estimate
Property valuation8estimate
Approximate calculation8estimate
In Paris is one friend making approximate calculation?8estimate
Parisian is international friend to value8estimate
Reckon Hoskins is involved in broken tea set8estimate
Body shop figure8estimate
Pre-repair job figure8estimate
Ballpark figure?8estimate
Garage figure8estimate
Repairman's offering8estimate
Revealed by priest: I'm a tease of dubious value8estimate
Tea-time's special for judge8estimate
To approximate opinion, height, worth8estimate
A guess based on a thought-out calculation8estimate
A guess of how much the bill will cost8estimate
Guess at a price8estimate
Guess I'm to board large car8estimate
Guess I'm conveyed in spacious car8estimate
Cracking defaced finest china, I guess8estimate
Guess Puck's into a car with extra storage space8estimate
Rough calculation8estimate
Reckon car may go across motorway after spinning round8estimate