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Clue length Answer
Court presentation8evidence
Show ......8evidence
Exhibits, basically8evidence
Prosecutor's presentation8evidence
Witnesses appear to give it8evidence
Information in law case8evidence
Information in court8evidence
Testimony - verification8evidence
Signs, indications8evidence
Testimony in court8evidence
Data that proves the facts8evidence
Fact or information that prove someone is guilty8evidence
The basis for belief or disbelief8evidence
Proof of English navy hacking innovative device8evidence
The basic necessity for a suit8evidence
Facts, materials given to prove guilt or innocence8evidence
Materials presented in court to prove guilt8evidence
Body of facts or information regarding a crime8evidence
Objects or items of proof in a criminal case8evidence
Proof of vice-president not taking trips8evidence
Information given to a court8evidence
Proof endive salad is cold and gives energy8evidence
one man, cold, interrupting the first woman's testimony8evidence
That suitable for “show” trial?8evidence
What the witness produced at the bar perhaps for The Confirmation8evidence
Proof; testimony8evidence
Study in English sin providing proof8evidence
Fingerprints, DNA, footprints, etc.8evidence
Testimony, facts8evidence
Court materials8evidence
"E is for ..."8evidence
Object or info collected to prove cause or crime8evidence
... testimony8evidence
Circumstantial ....8evidence
Fingerprints, e.g.8evidence
Proof in court8evidence
Courtroom presentation8evidence
I've taken over sanctum on church grounds8evidence
confirmation presentation8evidence
Foundation of a prosecutor's case8evidence
New vice cops study ecstasy and hard dope in a case8evidence
Proof I've picked up study on the church8evidence
Facts presented in court8evidence
Juries expect some8evidence
Attorney's presentation8evidence
D.A.'s need8evidence
Grounds for belief8evidence
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