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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Be outstanding5excel
Do a great job5excel
Stand out5excel
Do well (at)5excel
Do very well (at)5excel
Get all A's5excel
Microsoft Office program5excel
Get an A, say5excel
Get straight A's, e.g.5excel
Be superior5excel
Be outstandingly proficient5excel
We hear forty of the Romans distinguish themselves5excel
Fish circling cross current's beginning to do well5excel
Distinguish oneself - XL5excel
Do well, taking about ninety fish5excel
Best big clothing label, according to report5excel
Do well reading out two letters5excel
Former faction heard to shine5excel
Be exceptionally good5excel
Outdo former church leader in local5excel
Perform exceptionally5excel
Old bit of ceremony the Spanish do very well5excel
Former Anglican, 50, to be superior5excel
Top swimmer receives ten cents5excel
Latin '40 sounds stand out5excel
Distinguish oneself5excel
Former church leader's beginning to be superior5excel
Said extra large is better5excel
Surpass others5excel
better kick out corrupt leader for political beginner5excel
Do well with fish — ten about to be caught5excel
Two score in Rome, we hear, and do better5excel
Office program5excel
Do extremely well5excel
Excellent, if not fast, way to do better5excel
Sounds like very big is better?5excel
Very large clothes size, by the sound of it, is better5excel
Do really well5excel
Distinguish oneself with 40 in Rome, by the sound of it5excel
what the best man is expected to do?5excel
make an excellent start, and do even better5excel
Do very well5excel
do better than most in complex celtic language5excel
go beyond huge size in report5excel
Better church line supporting European vote5excel
Out of prison, almost all are very good5excel
We hear forty of the Romans do better5excel