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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Sing the praises of5extol
Praise to the rafters5extol
Praise highly5extol
Heap kudos on5extol
Shower with praise5extol
Hail ......5extol
Commend highly5extol
Past tax cut gets acclaim5extol
Seen in context, old lift5extol
Applaud when old road tax gets cut5extol
Praise - honour5extol
Praise old charge, endlessly5extol
Praise extra tax cut5extol
Once article for sale comes up, applaud5extol
Speak highly of old lecturer to dons5extol
Acclaim former tax reduced by one pound5extol
Former partner not entirely mentioned for praise5extol
Acclaim former tax cut5extol
Enthusiastically praise5extol
Sexy amateur role essentially gets praise5extol
Praise old Biblical character brought back5extol
Crack up without reversal of fortune5extol
Raised fortune by end of June to much acclaim5extol
Glorify from Sussex to Lancashire5extol
The Spanish will get about ten to applaud5extol
The former lifted the crowd with praise5extol
Praise former wife to first lover5extol
Praise former partner for leaving at first5extol
Praise one's former partner up a lot5extol
Shower with acclaim5extol
Praise shown by Rex to Lord5extol
one-time troll oddly getting praise5extol
Praise enthusiastically5extol
praise enthusiastically without getting much back? not quite5extol
Laud comes from Essex to London5extol
Talk up erstwhile turn of fate5extol
glorify old bunch? that's retrograde5extol
praise former spouse, bringing auction item back5extol
old group about to celebrate5extol
celebrate with old group on retirement5extol
praise work i abandoned, taken on by former partner5extol
"Praise first wife", many reflected5extol