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Clue length Answer
Count in a march4four
Tea time, perhaps4four
Afternoon hour4four
Chrysler 300, e.g.4four
Lou Gehrig, on the diamon4four
Late afternoon4four
Quartet count4four
Number in favour of surrounding university4four
Boundary Foreign Office applied to old city4four
Boundary score in cricket4four
Power among the powers that be, unexpectedly in check, demonstrated impatience4four
Number in a quartet4four
Square root of sixteen4four
Square number4four
Perfect square4four
Crazy Duran Duran fans go wild - fee for picture4four
How many Horsemen of the Apocalypse?4four
Coat's wrapped round figure4four
Quartet that's after 12D 16As for an ageing Beatles number?4four
Cardinal heeded warning4four
cricket boundary score4four
A year's worth of the drink, son, inside for us — no getting drunk!4four
Golfer's cry heard by just a few4four
Number of players in a doubles game4four
Three plus one4four
one of two in hank aaron's uniform number4four
24/6? Starting from zero initially, usual reckoning ...4four
Par on most holes4four
in five, the number visible to a roman4four
Twice two4four
number of stripes on a navy captain's insignia4four
16 15 174four
A pair of braces4four
square two4four
the number of bases in a ball field.4four
Two plus two4four
Jackson's bill / quintet4four
Cricket shot that touches the ground before crossing the boundary4four
Brett Favre's jersey number4four
Only digit in the ZIP code for Newton Falls, Ohio4four
common par4four
Number of quarts in a gallon4four
number who sound as though they approve4four
cricket boundary4four
i initially verify that this is half of 114four
Points value of the brown ball in snooker4four
Two by two?4four