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Clue length Answer
Nerd's friend4geek
Carnival weirdo4geek
Circus performer4geek
Social misfit4geek
Tech whiz4geek
Sideshow performer4geek
Social misfit runs away from native of Athens, perhaps4geek
Techie jargon not right4geek
Techie type4geek
squad that best buy uses to help you4geek
...... chic (rhyming fashion style)4geek
Adorkable sort4geek
Techie or Trekkie4geek
Computer nerd keeping PIN out of view4geek
Used in a tanning process4geek
tech expert4geek
Weirdo gives horse to king4geek
computer enthusiast (coll)4geek
Computer fanatic4geek
Be an enthusiastic dweeb, with 'out'4geek
many a techie4geek
best buy "squad" member4geek
Computer whiz4geek
adorkable one4geek
Nerd's language not right4geek
Athenian runs out to find anorak4geek
Computer expert4geek
Nerd's kin4geek
nerdish sort4geek
Uncool sort4geek
Techie, stereotypically4geek
Many a Silicon Valley hiree4geek
Many a Comicon attendee4geek
Tech whiz, say4geek
Fanboy or fangirl4geek
Overindulge in a brainy subject, with "out"4geek
Be the ultimate nerd, with "out"4geek
Nerd (out)4geek
Sideshow oddity4geek
Sheldon of "The Big Bang Theory," for one4geek
Show one's nerdy side, with "out"4geek
A person with an unusual or odd personality4geek
A carny4geek
One of the carnies4geek
Carnival performer4geek
Sideshow attraction4geek
Carnival man4geek