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Clue length Answer
Reagan's first Secretary4haig
"Inner Circles" memoirist4haig
Department of State chief4haig
Reagan Cabinet member4haig
Muskie's successor in the4haig
Secretary of State with "4haig
Alexander ......, secretary4haig
Alexander who said "I'm i4haig
Secretary of state after4haig
Shultz's predecessor as s4haig
Watergate-era White House4haig
Secretary of state under4haig
"Caveat: Realism, Reagan4haig
Reagan Secretary of State4haig
Chief of staff under Nixo4haig
Alexander ..., US Secretary of State during the Falklands War4haig
Alexander of Reagan's Cabinet4haig
reagan's first secretary of state4haig
Douglas —, Field Marshal; Commander-in-Chief of the British Expeditionary Force from 1915-184haig
reagan secretary of state alexander __4haig
secretary of state before shultz4haig
Nixon's last chief of staff4haig
Alexander who was Reagan's secretary of state4haig
1980s secretary of state Al4haig
1980s secretary of state4haig
Would-be Presidential candidate of 19884haig
Chief of staff under Nixon4haig
Secretary of State under Reagan4haig
"Secretary of State with Jr. in his name"4haig
Muskie's successor in the Cabinet4haig
Department of State chief under Reagan4haig
Secretary of state after Muskie4haig
"Alexander who said I'm in control here"4haig
"Alexander ..., secretary of state under Reagan"4haig
Shultz's predecessor as secretary of state4haig
"Caveat: Realism, Reagan and Foreign Policy writer"4haig
Watergate-era White House chief of staff4haig
Alexander who served three presidents4haig
General who became a secretary of state4haig
Nixon chief of staff4haig
Reagan pal Al4haig
Sec. Shultz's predecessor4haig
British W.W. I field marshal4haig
A Presidential candidate4haig
Muskie's successor4haig
Nixon aide in 19744haig
Whilom Reagan Sec. of State4haig
Ex–Secretary of State4haig
Reagan's first Sec. of State4haig
British field marshal in W.W. I4haig