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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

What is the answer to the crossword clue „“. After exploring the clues, we have identified 1 potential solutions.

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Clue length Answer
Reddish brown5henna
Redhead's dye5henna
Salon supply5henna
Redhead's secret5henna
Salon color5henna
Redhead's helper5henna
Dye plant5henna
Red dye5henna
Dye in temporary tattoos5henna
Temporary tattoo dye5henna
Dye source5henna
Decorative tattoo dye5henna
Reddish-orangish brown5henna
Hair coloring5henna
Redhead's secret, maybe5henna
Salon shade5henna
Red dye no. 1?5henna
Female with new top grade dye5henna
Hair dye5henna
Reddish dye5henna
Dye then natural, to some extent5henna
Skin and hair dye5henna
Ultimately foolish woman upset dye5henna
Reddish-brown plant dye5henna
William S's bride returns for dye5henna
Pigment Cezanne habitually makes use of in a revolutionary way5henna
After hour, girl returned hair dye5henna
Dye Anne Hathaway originally used up5henna
Reddish hair coloring5henna
Auburn dye5henna
Dye front of hair? Girl's up to it5henna
former monarch and husband rejected hair dye5henna
Vegetable dye5henna
Bird over new atomic plant5henna
Natural dye5henna
Hard-faced woman returned with colouring agent5henna
Egg producer backing an agent for colouring5henna
Medium for some tattoos5henna
Bird initially near atomic plant5henna
Dye coming from lichen naturally5henna
Dye also known as mehndi5henna
Dye used in skin decoration5henna
Dye for temporary tattoos5henna
Hair rinse5henna
(Shrub producing) reddish dyestuff5henna
A Bronte comes back from hospital with added colour5henna
Woman repelled by husband suggesting a dye5henna
When nasty things are found in the dye5henna
reddish hair dye5henna
Cezanne has held back tint5henna