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8 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

What is the answer to the crossword clue „“. After exploring the clues, we have identified 1 potential solutions.

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Clue length Answer
Sailors' dance8hornpipe
Sailors very good in ambition to produce marine dance8hornpipe
Lively old sailors' dance8hornpipe
Hope to engage sailors with very good dance at sea8hornpipe
Sailor's dance8hornpipe
Lively jig8hornpipe
traditional sailors' dance8hornpipe
Pop her in pants for dance8hornpipe
Dance requiring two instruments8hornpipe
A piece for brass and wind instruments8hornpipe
Steps taken by sailors8hornpipe
Wild hopper in sailors' dance8hornpipe
Dance requiring two wind instruments8hornpipe
steps sailors may take with two instruments8hornpipe
Sing with cape on in dance8hornpipe
Dance band instruments8hornpipe
Lively folk dance8hornpipe
Two instruments for sailors' dance8hornpipe
Tune to accompany a sailor's dance8hornpipe
Sailors's jig8hornpipe
dancing will get you prone with hip replacement8hornpipe
Casually pop in with her8hornpipe
two instruments needed for lively dance8hornpipe
Corner resident nearly securing spot for dance8hornpipe
two instruments accompanying dance8hornpipe
two wind instruments producing piece of music for dance8hornpipe
dance which requires two wind instruments8hornpipe
Two music-makers dance8hornpipe
one instrument before another in the dance8hornpipe
Hope to include sailors, very good apparently, in lively dance8hornpipe
dance in hopper possibly8hornpipe
Noisy type in car takes channel to overseas dance8hornpipe
Two instruments for sailor's dance8hornpipe
Dance that has sailors reverent in expectation?8hornpipe
something that is naturally hard to play for a dance8hornpipe
To the instrument, sing shrilly and dance8hornpipe
Solo dance performed by a sailor8hornpipe
dance performed while playing instrument on tube8hornpipe
Dance with two instruments8hornpipe
Dance to a couple of wind instruments8hornpipe