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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

What is the answer to the crossword clue „“. After exploring the clues, we have identified 1 potential solutions.

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Clue length Answer
Peculiar expression5idiom
"Up the creek," e.g.5idiom
Language quirk5idiom
"Talk turkey," e.g.5idiom
Manner of speaking5idiom
Colorful phrase5idiom
Unintuitive thing for lan5idiom
By hook or by crook, e.g.5idiom
Translator's obstacle5idiom
Go for broke, e.g.5idiom
Translator's challenge5idiom
Local language, say5idiom
"Knock it off" or "get it5idiom
Hit the ceiling, say5idiom
Going to the dogs, e.g.5idiom
Cut to the chase, say5idiom
Challenge for a nonnative5idiom
Southern France backs introduction of old patois5idiom
One slow to comprehend old dialect5idiom
Love encapsulated by one obscure turn of phrase5idiom
Colloquial saying5idiom
Turn of phrase in papers on Isle of Man5idiom
Expression of unwise person taking time off to get married5idiom
Characteristic mode of expression5idiom
Artistic style5idiom
Local linguistic usage5idiom
Turn of phrase in papers I'm carrying round5idiom
Mode of expression5idiom
Distinctive expression5idiom
Two girls upset about one's form of expression5idiom
I love to wear dumb expression5idiom
Translator's hurdle5idiom
puzzle for a translator, often5idiom
''On the ball'' or ''off the grid''5idiom
verbal expression5idiom
'Play it by ear,' e.g5idiom
Second one,little girl's turn of phrase or two locally5idiom
There's nothing in one stupid phrase5idiom
"Cat got your tongue?" eg5idiom
Peculiar term Diane found in offshore isle5idiom
Word usage peculiar to a specific group5idiom
'The devil is in the details,' e.g5idiom
Expression not meant to be taken literally5idiom
‘a fool will spend time to gain money': it's an expression5idiom
Fool with no time to get married in characteristic style5idiom
the liquid i omitted to use is partly a feature of the language5idiom
Spoken language5idiom