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Clue length Answer
Deep blue6indigo
Blue dye6indigo
Part of a rainbow6indigo
Spectrum member6indigo
Shade deeper than heliotr6indigo
Roy G. Biv part6indigo
Color of Duke Ellington's6indigo
Rainbow color6indigo
Colour of decapitated mythological monster6indigo
Deep violet-blue colour6indigo
Blind I got partly to provide shade6indigo
Pea plant's doing badly, I gathered6indigo
Fashionable and fancy ring, dark blue6indigo
Dark blue dye6indigo
During excavation, opening for Oxford blue6indigo
University College working around Rector being rarely seen6indigo
At home like middle of doors to show colour6indigo
Violet's neighbour doing somersaults round island6indigo
Classical architect receives Dutch plant6indigo
One doing work for Violet6indigo
Plant yielding blue dye6indigo
Female folk duo, the .... Girls6indigo
Deep blue-violet color; a plant used to make dye6indigo
Deep violet blue color6indigo
violet-blue dye obtained from plants such as woad6indigo
I turn to independent for source of dye6indigo
Deep blue colour6indigo
Deep, violet blue6indigo
Blue dye I'd go in for6indigo
A shade 4, changing second name to Oscar6indigo
One doing badly shows colour6indigo
A blue, international doing badly6indigo
Deep dark blue6indigo
Colour that's receding in sheepdog I'd nicknamed6indigo
The colour of one doing wrong?6indigo
A blue, one doing badly6indigo
richard's red gave green in this!6indigo
Violet almost lodging with love6indigo
Rainbow shade6indigo
Large southeast US snake6indigo
i'd go in for blue dye6indigo
rainbow hue6indigo
spectrum shade6indigo
Like Ellington's mood?6indigo
a blue vat dye originally obtained from plants6indigo
One doing weaving with dye6indigo
One doing work out of the blue?6indigo
Deep blue color6indigo

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