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9 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Many went to America - the Wild West - to find something to eat9irishstew
Woman with chisel nicks stone dish9irishstew
This in the name of the law? Let's hear it for mutton, spuds, and an atrocious chestnut!9irishstew
Hibernian dish9irishstew
varadkar etc worry, describing provision of mutton, vegetables etc9irishstew
it's wiser to put out hot stuffing in a dish perhaps9irishstew
A casserole rises with cooking9irishstew
Mutton dish9irishstew
one-pot meal with mutton9irishstew
Sir, with this we cooked casserole9irishstew
Lamb dish9irishstew
Meat-and-vegetables combo9irishstew
Fare for Kelly9irishstew
Hubbub in Dublin?9irishstew
Hibernian meat and veg dish9irishstew
Saint feeding cut flower before providing dish9irishstew
Dish from Wiltshire's left out to cook9irishstew
worried state in dublin?9irishstew
This wire's tossed in traditional dish9irishstew
Casseroled mutton9irishstew
tries his cooking before wife produces a dish9irishstew
The writer returned Sir Henry, to simmer some food9irishstew
Dublin casserole9irishstew
Traditional St. Patrick's Day dish9irishstew
Cut across road following flag's course9irishstew
dish on return dampens greeting about schoolmaster9irishstew
woman and husband moved west to get food9irishstew
Shrew: it is cooked in casserole9irishstew
people here around the west let it simmer for a while9irishstew
writes his recipe for a meat dish9irishstew
Meat dish9irishstew
low-cost dish of lamb, potatoes and carrot in a stock9irishstew
Casserole rises with cooking9irishstew