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Clue length Answer
Big Daddy portrayer, in "4ives
Currier's partner in lith4ives
Pulitzer winner for "Symp4ives
"Concord Sonata" composer4ives
Currier's companion4ives
Currier's partner4ives
Lithographer James4ives
"A Little Bitty Tear" sin4ives
"The Celestial Country" c4ives
Folk singer Burl4ives
American composer who pio4ives
Lithographer of Americana4ives
"A Little Bitty Tear" hit4ives
Frederic who invented hal4ives
Big name in lithography4ives
Name on many prints4ives
Currier and ......4ives
St. ...... (Cornwall resort4ives
"Three Places in New Engl4ives
Composer Charles4ives
"Universe Symphony" compo4ives
"The Unanswered Question"4ives
Big Daddy player on 1950s4ives
Burl who won an Oscar for4ives
"Variations on 'America'"4ives
"Funny Way of Laughin'" s4ives
St. ......, place in a child4ives
First major publisher of4ives
Burl of stage and song4ives
"O For a Thousand Tongues4ives
Singer Burl4ives
Noted lithographer4ives
"Concord" composer4ives
US composer, d. 1954 - US folk singer, d. 19954ives
American who scored heroin leaves busy places4ives
Composer introduced by these violinists doing a turn4ives
Composer's endless component of salad4ives
american composer of three places in new england, d. 19544ives
Balladeer Burl4ives
One has succeeded as an American composer4ives
Cornish saint had one half of the ship4ives
Charles —, composer of the works Robert Browning Overture and Variations on America4ives
st. ... (skin-care brand)4ives
Folksinger Burl4ives
Americana lithographer4ives
"a holly jolly christmas" singer4ives
currier & ...4ives
American composer Charles4ives
Folksy Burl4ives
currier and ...: printmakers4ives

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