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4 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Jungle woman4jane
Chimpanzee researcher Goo4jane
One of a primer pair4jane
"A Thousand Acres" noveli4jane
Name after "you"4jane
Tarzan's love4jane
Girl with the dog Spot4jane
Tarzan's woman4jane
Doe being defended4jane
Young women's magazine4jane
John or ...... Doe4jane
Christie's Miss Marple4jane
Primer girl4jane
One of Spot's masters4jane
Nice setter entertains a new girl4jane
goodall, listed in time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world in 20194jane
Primatologist Goodall4jane
One of Agatha's sleuths4jane
anchor pauley of "cbs sunday morning"4jane
... novel by 19 104jane
... then another with a month on a drug4jane
17 for each 17?4jane
Writer from East Africa in 10 104jane
Punk rocker Laura ... Grace4jane
Plain —; — Seymour4jane
Tarzan's mate4jane
19th-century novelist Austen4jane
lily's "grace and frankie" co-star4jane
actress kaczmarek or krakowski4jane
fonda who's been encouraging joe biden to choose sen. elizabeth warren as his running mate in recent weeks4jane
author austen4jane
Novelist ... Austen of Pride and Prejudice4jane
fred t. ..., who first published "all the world's fighting ships" in 18984jane
"G.I. ....," Demi Moore film4jane
Tarzan's girlfriend4jane
Miss Marple4jane
Tarzan's wife4jane
Curtin of comedy4jane
Actress Fonda4jane
Tarzan's gal4jane
Director Campion4jane
The 'J.' in Mary J. Blige4jane
Boy's mother?4jane
Tarzan's beloved4jane
Scientist Goodall4jane
Chimpanzee researcher Goodall4jane
"A Thousand Acres novelist Smiley"4jane
dick's running mate4jane
"Sweet" girl of song4jane