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Clue length Answer
Lip service?4kiss
Barely touch, on a pool t4kiss
New Year's Eve action4kiss
It's often planted4kiss
Part of S.W.A.K.4kiss
Request of a frog in a fa4kiss
Rodin sculpture, with "Th4kiss
Meeting of heads?4kiss
X, on a greeting card4kiss
What X may represent4kiss
It's sometimes stolen4kiss
Touch with the lips4kiss
X rated Prince single4kiss
Mistletoe payoff4kiss
Central section of viking ship forms X4kiss
Band have a touching relationship with smack4kiss
Unfortunately, Ofsted has killed inspirational leaders, the final nail in the coffin?4kiss
Peck: his last is first in sequence4kiss
Affectionate greeting4kiss
group that registered its makeup designs with the u.s. patent and trademark office4kiss
meg ryan movie french4kiss
chocolate candy4kiss
Hershey nibble4kiss
Balazs —, 1996 Olympic hammer gold medallist4kiss
A light touch from banks kicking up a fuss4kiss
Plonker from Stanislavski's school4kiss
Sign of affection4kiss
X, in some letters4kiss
Gesture underneath the mistletoe4kiss
Peck from chick is startling4kiss
Meaning of X, sometimes4kiss
12 some think is superb4kiss
A little peck is seen here4kiss
... lip service from 274kiss
X in "The Gentle Touch"4kiss
What the cross symbolises is never forgotten, if 224kiss
Band supposedly doing their final concert in 20214kiss
hershey chocolate4kiss
Prince song4kiss
Join lips4kiss
Chocolate treat4kiss
what those who pay lip-service do?4kiss
Light touch from one X represents4kiss
have a face-to-face meeting?4kiss

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