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Best answers for 5 lettres, Crossword Clue

Clue Length Answer
One feeding off others5 lettersleech
End up defending conservative doctor once5 lettersleech
Bloodsucking creature5 lettersleech
Parasitic person5 lettersleech
Old doctor's general companion?5 lettersleech
Bloodsucker some cruel EEC hardliner5 lettersleech
sucker of sorts5 lettersleech
Sheltered side at church for scrounger5 lettersleech
major moocher5 lettersleech
Little bloodsucker5 lettersleech
Blood-sucker finding shelter by church5 lettersleech
Human sponge5 lettersleech
Parasite in shelter by church5 lettersleech
Sucker about to wear 8 shortly after getting up5 lettersleech
Parasite finds shelter on top of church5 lettersleech
Blood-sucking parasite5 lettersleech
worm once used by bloodletters5 lettersleech
Person who lives off others5 lettersleech
Sail part5 lettersleech
Sail edge5 lettersleech
Predatory worm5 lettersleech
Worm that feeds on the blood or tissues of other animals5 lettersleech
Forest bloodsucker5 lettersleech
Bloodletting worm5 lettersleech
Parasitic sucker5 lettersleech
Scrounger in shelter by church5 lettersleech
Hanger-on?5 lettersleech
Bloodletter's need5 lettersleech
Blood-sucking worm5 lettersleech
Old doctor, lewd fellow, with extra energy5 lettersleech
Worm - sponger5 lettersleech
Sucker5 lettersleech
Bloodsucker5 lettersleech
Parasitic type5 lettersleech
Sponge5 lettersleech
Sponger5 lettersleech
Parasite5 lettersleech
A sucker for old-fashioned treatment5 lettersleech
Sucker will disbelieve the basic truth, last of all5 lettersleech
Hematophagous creature5 lettersleech
Parasitic creature5 lettersleech
Part of the sail that could draw blood5 lettersleech
Old doctor who's after your blood?5 lettersleech
beast used in hirudotherapy5 lettersleech
European taken in by old goat is a sucker5 lettersleech
Bloodsucking worm5 lettersleech
Hanger-on, a slippery creature, rejected companion5 lettersleech
Freeloader among evil EEC hardliners5 lettersleech
Sponger (informal)5 lettersleech
Moocher5 lettersleech